6 signs that you’re struggling with uni/life out of home

It’s week two and I am so far from motivated its unbelievable. Coffee consumption is at an all time high. I have found grey hairs. The budget is irreversibly broken. So here is a list of some signs that you have given up on everything, uni in particular. Some of these are applicable to me others not so much, (I swear I don’t have a beard). 

1. You have stopped putting an effort into your appearance. 

You wake up. Take a look at your disheveled reflection. Decide that there is not enough concealer in the whole world to cover those bags (it’s okay girl, work them, they’re designer) or enough time to shave off that shadow of a beard (you get kinda attached to it). Don’t even think about actual clothes, sweatpants are the new business causal right? God knows you are making the effort just to make it to your 9am lecture and that’s all that matters.

2. “What do you mean there were readings?!” 

It’s week two. Honestly. You think that the determination to do well would have gotten you at least to week five. Nope. Your study buddy/ that cool dude from the elevator who gave you tomato sauce that one time because you couldn’t find any and were about to have a breakdown, informs you that there were 3 chapters added to the mandatory readings at some point the night before your lecture. Cue 9 new grey hairs…

3. Your eating habits are disgusting. 

Rice bubbles. Mie Goreng instant noodles. Those $0.57 wafers from Woolworths. Pasta and cheese. Enough alcohol to make Gatsby wince. You have had more juice in the past week than your primary school heart could ever dream of. The meal plans you and your mum so tediously planned have been abandoned. There’s no room in the budget for healthy eating, please send money if you want me to eat a vegetable. So much sodium, sugar and carbs. The freshman 5 is coming for us all. Embrace it. Winter is also coming (and so are the baggy jumpers to hide all of this).

4. “Hey, do you think 4 minutes is enough time to get ready for uni? I am trying to figure out when to set my alarm.”

Your alarm changes from being set 2 hours before your lecture to being 2 minutes before you’re about to become 10 minutes late. I mean, you gotta get your 7-9 hours sleep. So if you go to bed late it’s totally okay because you just get to set your alarm later. Campus living am I right?

5. Someone asks you if you are an extra from the new season of the Walking Dead

Shuffling to your tutorial. Clothes that are so last apocalypse. Moaning (you just got your third assessment piece). A craving for meat, (steak is so, so expensive). Greyish looking skin (You have got some kind of flu). You have no heartbeat, (the high amount of V you are consuming has almost stopped your heart…). It’s offical, you are a first year zombie now.

6. Coffee, Tea and other caffeinated beverage consumption has gone through the roof.

It’s safe to say that the reason why your carefully constructed budget is in shambles is due to all the barista made coffees you have consumed. Caramel lattes are not a cheap drink to begin with and then you go to a hipster place and BOOM,  you have spent $16.75 this week just on coffee. But with all the not sleeping (due to study, GOSH) caffeine is your only salvation. Shout out to British exchange students and their superiority complex with tea, because now you are drinking even more of that divine stuff than your grandmother. Caffeine is caffeine am I right?

So here I am. An assessment piece due tonight (3 hours from when I post this), a new box of caramel latte sachets in front of me and the temptation of a newly purchased second-hand book beside me. About to become extremely caffeinated, and somewhat motivated.






Thriving and Surviving??

After barely making it through O-Week, (’cause I had a mad flu mum, calm down) and somehow managing to get to all of my classes on time this week, I would like to thank you all for your patience with this post. It has been delayed because I ran out of internet due to my streaming the entirety of season 6 of Downton Abbey. And also because I was hungover a lot, (sorry mum, I lied about that flu). 

If I was to sum up O-week it would be this, imagine being back in grade 8 on the first day of high school, nervous, afraid and sweaty. O-week is also like this except now you are an adult and hungover and you don’t have anything other than juice and cheese in your fridge because you are over budget. Again.  You have your bulky backpack with you and it has your laptop, textbooks (which weigh a ton), pencil case, wallet, phone, first aid kit and a ham sandwich because you weren’t sure whether or not lunch was provided (it wasn’t). Despite it being one of the most daunting and terrifying aspects of uni, I would recommend going to all of your sessions simply because it is an excellent opportunity to make friends because literally everyone is in the same (somewhat sinking) boat.

So after the trials and tribulations that O-week set for me I must try to face the reality of university. Of studying. Without someone to motivate me (I am starting to worry about how much I mention mum on this, I must be missing her or something…) or to force me to do this. I have so many chapters and pages to read it is ridiculous. I never actually realised how babied or well looked after (it depends on how you view it) I was in high school. I have already drunk a ridiculous amount of coffee this week and it’s only week 1. At least I have the transportation system here figured out?

I would like to think however after all of my thoughts (just complaining really) about O-week and having to do real work for the first time in months I am thriving here. I have decided that I am indeed a city gal and I throughly love it here. Things such as the Suitcase Rummage, people watching in King George Square and watching the myriad of (kinda?) good buskers are some of my personal favourite (free) things to do here. When I am feeling  homesick I only have to sit in my favourite cafe in Kelvin Grove Village, The Menagerie with a delicious caramel latte to feel better. I am actually the worst at budgeting…

And if you are curious to know where that divine beverage (the featured image for this post) came from, it is Chester Street Bakery. Yes, I had a gluten attack afterwards but damn it was worth it. So so soo good. Mini doughnut, caramel, banana and so much cream. Need I say more? Found in Southbank and Fortitude Valley it is most definitely worth the trek to find. Holy heck that was the highlight of my week, if not the month.

So here I am extremely caffeinated, (because I have assessment due Monday) and somewhat motivated, thriving and surviving in Brisvegas.

Buses, Budgets and Brisbane

It has been a week (!!!) since my big move across the state and believe me, it has been wild from start to finish. 

Firstly, can I just say that catching a bus if you have never done it before is an incredibly stressful experience. You hover awkwardly around your platform, clutching your goCard to your chest with eyes flickering to the timetable, calculating how far away your bus is. You have your headphones in but the music is so faint you can hardly hear it because your mother lectured you for agessss about being aware of your surroundings.

When I boarded a bus for the first time (without mum telling me things ‘that I already know’) not going to lie, I was feeling pretty cocky about it all. I mean it seemed simple enough. Get on. Tap your card. Mumble something cheerful to the driver. Sit down on the least grotty looking seat. Be aware of how many stops it is away from your destination. Play some tunes. Don’t look the crazy people in the eye. You get the idea.

So there I was not really paying attention because I was off in my own little world, getting lost in the view. And then I did get lost for real. Instead of getting off at Queen Street Mall which was the plan, I ended up at the Cultural Centre (for those of you who do not know, across a bridge at South Bank). I eventually managed to get to where I was meant to be after a few minutes of freaking out and going through Google Maps, (cannot stress how good that app is).

Seriously learnt my lesson, always pay attention to your surroundings! And here it is in writing mum, you were right…

If I have learnt anything else this week it would be to work out a budget. Seriously. Cheese. Is. So. Expensive. Things like Ben & Jerry’s are seen as being ‘too costly’ and ‘not worth it’. I am slumming it out with home brand here. I also haven’t eaten a real dinner since mum left (abandoned) me here. It’s either yogurt or juice and nutella on toast. I think the hardest part about being an ‘adult’ is having to actually provide a meal that involves some form of nutrition. Plus, making dinner involves washing up and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Another thing about living in a city is that EVERYTHING costs money. Seriously. If you don’t have a limit or a budget things can get out of hand. I would totally recommend getting all the spending out your system and then buckling down. No more barista made coffees everyday. Once a week. Maybe twice. I need to look into getting loyalty cards…

After wondering through Queen Street Mall for a few days in a row, I have determined that the best mocha in Brisbane can be found at Noosa Chocolate Factory. I had a 37% mocha that almost took me to Nirvana. If you want something sweet with just enough caffeine to get you past lunch, I would 100% recommend.

Overall living in Brisbane is utterly fantastic. The lights, atmosphere, constantly having something to do is amazing! Everything is easily accessible and so many people are willing to help a sister out with directions. I do however, miss seeing stars when I look up at the sky, I am still a country girl at heart. That being said, getting lost in the city sprawl is always fun (not so much when you don’t have enough on your goCard to get home…) and seeing what this city has to offer me is both exciting and daunting.

So here I am drinking my Nescafe caramel latte, caffeinated and motivated, livin’ it up in the city.




Just a Small Town Girl…

Whilst you are humming the Glee version of  ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ I will tell you a little bit about myself. 

I come from a rural town situated in the cyclonic Far North of Queensland, Australia. I have recently graduated and am ready to take the next step in my life, with University commencing in a few weeks time. I am pushing 5’1.5, am a rather stubborn Aries and have Sicilian roots. I aspire to become a successful journalist.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to write. It all began when I was left (read: abandoned) at the local library for hours upon end. I would absorb myself in the worlds created by Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and Jackie French. I wrote little books of my own, with illustrations to match, (the most acclaimed one being where I wrote only two sentences: “There once lived two princesses. To find out more go to http://www.happyeverafter.com”).

During high school I was a reviewer for the student-run magazine, Roundabout. My job was to unpack a variety of novels that I thought fit in with the theme for that issue. In senior year, I was promoted to the position of publicity officer and later, sub-editor of the Magazine. I learnt valuable skills and even scored interviews with indie Australian artists, such as Meg Mac, Allday and Mark Wilkinson. It was crazy, stressful, hard work where I developed my love (read: addiction) for caffeine. Most specifically coffee (Caramel Lattes are my absolute favourite).

Tomorrow I am flying away to chase my dream of becoming a journo. My closest capital city is only 1,613.5 kms away and there I will be attending the Queensland University of Technology, to begin my Bachelor of Journalism. I don’t particularly want to leave my family and comfort zone behind but due to there not being any tertiary institutes that offer a plain Bachelor of Journalism, I don’t have much of a choice. I don’t particularly have an adjective for how terrified/stressed/excited, (excistressfied??) I am about this. Big fish in small ponds and all that. I sound very apprehensive at this specific point in time but I know that I will branch out and find my comfort zone whilst surrounding myself with other motivated people who share my interests. This is the latest step in my journey to becoming my own person and exploring what the wide world has to offer (that was so cheesy).

First thing on the agenda when I get down there: finding a new coffee shop to frequent so I can further fuel my caffeine addiction.

So here I, a day away from moving away: caffeinated and motivated.