“It’s None of my Business, But You Should Do Business”

My favourite part of telling people what I am studying is the remarkably similar responses. I always get an, “Oh… how interesting” or sometimes I’ll get “Isn’t it a dying industry?” or “It’s none of my business, but I think you should do (insert degree other than journalism here)”. 

Studying journalism has been what I have wanted to do almost all my life, (since I was little, writing storybooks to read to my family) and it is something that I have worked hard to make my dream a reality through work experience, being the editor of my school magazine for two years and trying (and mostly failing) to keep this blog updated.

This year has been different though. The transition from the high school workload to academic expectations of universities was insane. The lack of support, in terms of emotional connections with my tutors and lecturers was hard to get used to. I come from a small town, where you know everyone and there is more of a safety net in terms of the support you will get. I went from having teachers who cared about me and my wellbeing to being just another face amongst 500 others in my lecture theatres. That was particularly daunting for me as I graduated with only 100 other students. I couldn’t comprehend having so many other people to compete with, in terms of getting the better marks, being able to get spots in my preferred times for tutorials and being selected for internships. I made friends within my course and developed a support network, that included my wonderful roommate (who put up with my multiple breakdowns in the kitchen) and other core people in my life. These people were integral to me staying positive when things got tough and motivating me when all I wanted to do was eat nutella and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I did however become disillusioned with my dream even with all of those wonderful people supporting me. This year was tough, really tough in terms of adjusting, of becoming an adult and learning how to study, and other various other factors. I got it into my head that I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t do journalism because I thought I wasn’t motivated enough, that I wasn’t as switched on as my peers, that I wasn’t as proficient at writing as I thought I was. I wanted to switch out of my degree, into teaching maybe, into a general arts degree or something, anything that wasn’t journalism.

One of the other responses I have received when I tell people what I am studying is “you should do a dual with Business, you know, just in case.” For those who haven’t had the privilege of meeting my amazing mum, she is the Business Coordinator at my old high school and as much as I love her, I have made a point in not par-taking in anything that is even vaguely related to business.  I even went so far to fail my grade 8 Business class, just to make this point. So when, it was suggested to me that I should do Business and major in Public Relations, my first response was no way am I doing a business degree.

After a lot of stressing out in kitchens, venting and writing many pros and cons lists I came to the realisation that maybe doing a Business degree would not be the worst thing to ever happen to me and would actually provide me with more employment opportunities. For me, majoring in Public Relations wouldn’t mean giving up on my dream of working within the media, it would just mean that instead of interpreting the releases, I could be potentially writing them. This decision however, means that I need to work harder. I do not have a head for numbers and the only thing I know about Accounting is something about debits and credits. So whilst I am home, I will be thrust into a crash course of various Business subjects, so yay holidays.

Next year will mean working harder, it will mean that I have to actually put my back into things now. I am nervous about this because I have been cruising through this year, especially in terms of studying and leaving assignments to the last minute. But, I think I will rise to the challenge and hopefully continue to attain good marks.

At the end of the day, I will always be caffeinated and I guess I have to say, I’m pretty motivated for whatever 2017 is going to throw my way.


Author: caffinatedandmotivated

Studying a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, I am addicted to coffee, Buzzfeed and second-hand books.

One thought on ““It’s None of my Business, But You Should Do Business””

  1. OMG! I feel you. After a year of doing psychology (which is what I wanted to do back in highschool), I’ve decided to pursue my passion with the arts and do a dual degree with Business. Hopefully it works out for the both of us! I’ll be in QUT too 🙂

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