Thriving and Surviving??

After barely making it through O-Week, (’cause I had a mad flu mum, calm down) and somehow managing to get to all of my classes on time this week, I would like to thank you all for your patience with this post. It has been delayed because I ran out of internet due to my streaming the entirety of season 6 of Downton Abbey. And also because I was hungover a lot, (sorry mum, I lied about that flu). 

If I was to sum up O-week it would be this, imagine being back in grade 8 on the first day of high school, nervous, afraid and sweaty. O-week is also like this except now you are an adult and hungover and you don’t have anything other than juice and cheese in your fridge because you are over budget. Again.  You have your bulky backpack with you and it has your laptop, textbooks (which weigh a ton), pencil case, wallet, phone, first aid kit and a ham sandwich because you weren’t sure whether or not lunch was provided (it wasn’t). Despite it being one of the most daunting and terrifying aspects of uni, I would recommend going to all of your sessions simply because it is an excellent opportunity to make friends because literally everyone is in the same (somewhat sinking) boat.

So after the trials and tribulations that O-week set for me I must try to face the reality of university. Of studying. Without someone to motivate me (I am starting to worry about how much I mention mum on this, I must be missing her or something…) or to force me to do this. I have so many chapters and pages to read it is ridiculous. I never actually realised how babied or well looked after (it depends on how you view it) I was in high school. I have already drunk a ridiculous amount of coffee this week and it’s only week 1. At least I have the transportation system here figured out?

I would like to think however after all of my thoughts (just complaining really) about O-week and having to do real work for the first time in months I am thriving here. I have decided that I am indeed a city gal and I throughly love it here. Things such as the Suitcase Rummage, people watching in King George Square and watching the myriad of (kinda?) good buskers are some of my personal favourite (free) things to do here. When I am feeling  homesick I only have to sit in my favourite cafe in Kelvin Grove Village, The Menagerie with a delicious caramel latte to feel better. I am actually the worst at budgeting…

And if you are curious to know where that divine beverage (the featured image for this post) came from, it is Chester Street Bakery. Yes, I had a gluten attack afterwards but damn it was worth it. So so soo good. Mini doughnut, caramel, banana and so much cream. Need I say more? Found in Southbank and Fortitude Valley it is most definitely worth the trek to find. Holy heck that was the highlight of my week, if not the month.

So here I am extremely caffeinated, (because I have assessment due Monday) and somewhat motivated, thriving and surviving in Brisvegas.


Author: caffinatedandmotivated

Studying a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, I am addicted to coffee, patting dogs that don't belong to me and second-hand books.

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