Just a Small Town Girl…

Whilst you are humming the Glee version of  ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ I will tell you a little bit about myself. 

I come from a rural town situated in the cyclonic Far North of Queensland, Australia. I have recently graduated and am ready to take the next step in my life, with University commencing in a few weeks time. I am pushing 5’1.5, am a rather stubborn Aries and have Sicilian roots. I aspire to become a successful journalist.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to write. It all began when I was left (read: abandoned) at the local library for hours upon end. I would absorb myself in the worlds created by Roald Dahl, Beatrix Potter and Jackie French. I wrote little books of my own, with illustrations to match, (the most acclaimed one being where I wrote only two sentences: “There once lived two princesses. To find out more go to http://www.happyeverafter.com”).

During high school I was a reviewer for the student-run magazine, Roundabout. My job was to unpack a variety of novels that I thought fit in with the theme for that issue. In senior year, I was promoted to the position of publicity officer and later, sub-editor of the Magazine. I learnt valuable skills and even scored interviews with indie Australian artists, such as Meg Mac, Allday and Mark Wilkinson. It was crazy, stressful, hard work where I developed my love (read: addiction) for caffeine. Most specifically coffee (Caramel Lattes are my absolute favourite).

Tomorrow I am flying away to chase my dream of becoming a journo. My closest capital city is only 1,613.5 kms away and there I will be attending the Queensland University of Technology, to begin my Bachelor of Journalism. I don’t particularly want to leave my family and comfort zone behind but due to there not being any tertiary institutes that offer a plain Bachelor of Journalism, I don’t have much of a choice. I don’t particularly have an adjective for how terrified/stressed/excited, (excistressfied??) I am about this. Big fish in small ponds and all that. I sound very apprehensive at this specific point in time but I know that I will branch out and find my comfort zone whilst surrounding myself with other motivated people who share my interests. This is the latest step in my journey to becoming my own person and exploring what the wide world has to offer (that was so cheesy).

First thing on the agenda when I get down there: finding a new coffee shop to frequent so I can further fuel my caffeine addiction.

So here I, a day away from moving away: caffeinated and motivated.


Author: caffinatedandmotivated

Studying a Bachelor of Journalism at QUT, I am addicted to coffee, patting dogs that don't belong to me and second-hand books.

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